Saturday, October 15, 2011

21 weeks, 4 days: Crocheting is my new hobby

I decided that I was going to crochet Lil' Chicken a blanket!  It's coming right along :)  I also want to crochet him a robot toy.  It is going to be really cute.  Kinda hard learning to crochet in the round though. I'd also also like to crochet him a hat, but I picked this really furry, soft, ridiculous fabric that is virtually IMPOSSIBLE to crochet with.  So THAT should be interesting.

I'm weighing in at around 127 pounds.  UGH!  Feeling fat.  REALLY hoping to NOT go above 140 pounds.  I somehow doubt that this is going to be the case though. How have I gained 15 pounds already?!?!  The baby only weighs about 1 pound!  grr..

Besides that, I'm dealing with lower back pain.  The right side is more of a dull ache that bothers me, the left side feels more like sciatic pain--but reading more about it, I'm not sure that's what it is.  I read that sciatica affects the legs more than the back--but for me, the pain is a combination.  It cramps in my lower back and then the pain shoots down my leg, sometimes causing my leg to give out on me.  This is not only painful, but also highly obnoxious.

Lil' Chicken is moving around right now :)  Now I can't wait to be able to feel him from the outside so Kevin can feel him!!! It's so surreal that we're going to have our own littlest chicken in 18 short weeks.  It's just crazy.  It's happening so fast!  It's not just us any more.  I'm so worried about everything.  So worried about money, and health insurance, and just making it all work.  We are going to be SO POOR.  Like, WOAH.  Like, "hotdog water soup" poor.  Babysitting will help tremendously, and Zumba will help keep me in shape, and help a small bit with money, but it's still going to be crazy.

Speaking of being poor and having no money, I'm having Crystal order me a pair of Large Cargo pants, since my mediums no longer fit.  **disgruntled squinchy eyebrows**  I'm going to sell 2 pairs of cargo capri's though to make up for it.  I had this illusion that I was going to be able to wear my stuff all throughout the pregnancy, but I guess with the 15 pounds I've gained so far and more to come....that was a silly thought.  I need to eat better.  What was I thinking when I brought home a gallon of ice cream?!  And the carb loaded lunches at work do NOT help at all---not one bit.

Ok.  That's all for the moment. :)

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