Friday, July 29, 2011

10 Weeks 3 days: From good to cranky

Good day I'd say for the most part, but now i'm grumpyish.  No idea why.  Well yes I do.  I wanted to go to Pizza Hut for dinner, but we're on a super strict budget, so I had planned on using cash that's supposed to be for gas.  Anyways, I had to pee, so Kev ordered while I was peeing, and paid with the card!  As soon as I got in the bathroom and started peeing, I knew he was going to that.  I was really annoyed because we're trying to be good with the bank card.  THEN we sit down in like, the coldest seat ever so after a few seconds, we decide to move.  When I stood up to move, I smashed my head on the fricken glass lamp above the table, so then I was really aggravated.  And then when we got the pizza, it wasn't the heaven I imagined it to I was sad about that too.  I think they changed their cheese and their crust.  It just didn't taste like I remember it tasting.  So now here I am.  Deflated and grumpyish.

Monday, July 25, 2011

First Ultrasound Pictures!

So here they are:

The transvaginal ultrasound wasn't as bad as I thought--it was weird though, she had me put the wand in myself...that was awkward... but other than that it was just uncomfortable.  It was cool because we got to see the baby move! And it's heart beat was at like, 170 bpm.  I can't believe it's alive and well!  So excited.  We subscribed to the Disney Family Fun magazine--I was reading it in the waiting room and it's so cool!  So much cool stuff--family ideas, fun crafts, kids parties, and all sorts of recipes and cakes and what not.  Super awesome.  Can't wait to get that in.  But yeah.  We're having a baby!!!

9 Weeks, 6 Days: First U/S in a less than 5 hours

I'm so nervous and excited.  I wonder if it's a regular ultrasound or a transvaginal?  I hope it's regular.  Hubby thinks it's just dandy for me to get half naked and be poked and prodded while he sits there in his business clothes.  I am not amused by this at all.  I think he should get half naked too.  For moral support.  And have blood work done.  Maybe I'll insist he donates blood every time I get blood work done.  Yes.  This sounds like a great idea.  Why not?  It's doing something good for others and letting him in on a little pregnancy bonding time.

Anyways...113#  today.  I haven't dropped down to 110# in 4 weeks.  I think that means I've gained 2-3#s so far.  Already?  Gah.  So I did the whole "let's try on all of my pants to see how fat I've gotten" thing.  I'm not sure I recommend this...and they wonder why pregnant women are hormonal and crazy...

Why yes, that is me at 9 1/2  weeks popping out of my jeans.  Here's the pile of pants that no longer fit me:

Yup.  Half a big tote full.  Sigh....I'm down to 1 pair of jeans and 1 pair of shorts.  Everything else is yoga pants or pajama pants.  Dresses, anyone?

I was invited to a Ladies Night Out with my Zumba friends that was being held at the club that I work at....and I decided not to go.  I really wasn't comfortable going since I work at the club, for one, but being pregnant amounts to the other 4 reasons I didn't want to go.  Can't drink, Don't fit in my cocktail dress, I don't have $40 to spend on that, and I also don't want my coworkers to think I was drinking when they do find out that I'm pregnant.  No one really knows yet, since the U/S is today..I've been waiting.  I'm sad I couldn't go...but they'll understand come next week or so.

Well that's all for now.  Hopefully I'll have an U/S pic to post later!


fuck.  just found out it's transvaginal.  Really?  Why?  Everyone raves about this Ob/gyn but I have not been amused so far.   Not at all.  First appointment was bogus--yes, you have a uterus, and pee in this cup so we can do the same pee test that you did to confirm your pregnancy.  Blink.  Blink.

I do not like this one bit.  I think I just want to be pregnant in peace.  Next pregnancy will be with a midwife.  I don't care if we DO have to pay out of pocket for it.  GRRRRRRRRR

Saturday, July 23, 2011

9 Weeks, 4 Days: Had no internet for a few days...

Still preggo!!

And bloated.

Yeah...that's food baby.  Not  baby, baby.  Notice my grumpy face.

Gained about a pound or two I think.  I no longer drop down to 110.  My lowest for the past 2 weeks has been 112.  This morning was 115.  Tough to tell.  I had a big dinner last night, so that could be why.

Still getting nauseous when I don't have any food in my stomach.  I just have to eat a little here and there to keep something in my stomach.  I've been pretty cranky and moody lately.  I have a very short fuse--doesn't take much to make me snap.

I think I'm going to tell my boss next  week that I'm pregnant.  I asked his son how he thinks he'll take it--he in turn asked his mom, who thinks I'll be fine.  Which is awesome.  My boss can be uh...a little uh...crazy, to put it nicely.  So I was nervous about telling.  But I need to tell him before someone else does or he figures it out.  So.  Next week it is (eek!!)

Working on our impossible budget.  Here are the details:

Together we make about $2,800 a month.  Notice there is no fun money budgeted.
So this is assuming that we take any cash we get--babysitting, Zumba, or Kev driving for work--and use it to buy gas with so that the $600 goes directly towards paying down the gas card so we can be rid of it  by February.  We JUST added the newspaper on Sundays only so that we can clip coupons.  I'm trying to be a SAHM come Feb, but it's looking pretty grim.  Kev makes just short of $2,000 a month, and our $300 a month discover loan is going to kill us!  Car payment could go too....ugh.  We are SOO going to have to get rid of the internet :(  I'm not giving my iPhone up though.....

So speaking of budget, I went shopping at Once Upon a Child!  Bought the top right 2 pairs of shoes in this pic:

I put the others back :(  We could totally have a boy and then I'll be sad that I spent so much on girl stuff.  They are soo cute though.  Got a couple of maternity tops, too.

Anyways, that's all the news that is news!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

8 weeks, 1 day: Exhausted and Feeling Like Bleh.

I almost wonder if my nausea and exhaustion have kicked it up a notch this week?  I know that I have gotten crankier.  My patience level is running at minimum capacity, unfortunately for Kevin.  I have a very short fuse, partly I assume due to hormones, and partly due to being tired and hungry and nauseous.  It's so hard to be all of these things at the same time.  And it's not like I can take anything for it.  I kind of just have to deal.  Yesterday I took a 2 1/2 hour nap, and I took a 1 1/2-2 hour nap today as well.  I'm also bloated and fat looking.  I went to Target to buy a bathing suit--something that would maybe hide my belly a little--and ended up almost crying in the dressing room after not fitting into size Large swim bottoms.  I weigh 112 pounds!! Are you kidding?!  Do you have to be a fricken super model to fit into a LARGE now a days?  IDK but I find the whole thing ridiculous.  So instead I bought a brown and teal polka dot/whale shower curtain and matching teal towels for Lil' Chicken's bathroom.  Much more baby friendly than what we had before.  Screw the bathing suit.  I think I'll just keep my clothes on and stay out of the pool.  Or something.  Who knows.  Not me.

I should have practiced the routine to Rumba today since I'll be teaching it tomorrow (I think, anyways) but I was so tired I couldn't manage it.  I pray to God that I'll find the energy to do a whole class tomorrow.  Things haven't been looking so good this week so far.  We'll see, I guess.  I'd really really like to take a nap in between work and class, but it's kind of impossible.  I'd have to get out of work AT 2:30, bust my rear-end home, power sleep, and rush back to be there at like, 5:15.  (40 minute drive home, 40 min drive to Zumba)  Plus the cost of gas in this whole equation.  Not looking good at all.  Speaking of Zumba, I'm not even sure what I'm supposed to wear tomorrow.  (**eye roll**)  I don't even want to get started on the whole Zumba clothes debacle again.  I do know that I'm supposed to wear the capris that won't stay up.  Lovely.  A show for all.  No idea on the top though.  Guess I'll bring a variety.

Anyways, feeling tired again.  I may crawl into bed and start a new book.  Still can't wait until I start to feel better.  I'm getting really sick of feeling down in the dumps 24/7.  And they wonder why we're moody.  Hmm..

Monday, July 11, 2011

7 weeks, 6 days

2 Months  tomorrow!!!  I haven't posted in a few days because I've been at the 10th Annual Zumba Instructor Convention!  So exciting.  Too bad I was EXHAUSTED and not into doing much of anything..... (sigh) but that's ok.  I'll have more energy for next year.

Me at the Sat Night Glitter and Glow Party (blacklight)

Waiting for Zumba Sentao to start--AWESOME CLASS!!!

Lil' Chicken's First Zumba Outfit!!!!!

Can't wait to get my energy back!  Should be in another 4-8 weeks or so.  I slipped and fell at Walgreens--hope the baby is ok.  I haven't had any spotting or anything, so I think I'm fine.  Scared the crap out of me though.

Nothing much new really--still 112#, haven't gained anything!  (not complaining!!)  Going to try to keep it in the 25# range.  I'm pretty small so I think that's a reasonable number.  9#s for baby, 2#s for boobs, and then I guess 14# for the placenta, uterus, and amniotic fluid, plus any fluid retention...sounds good to me.

Anyways, off to check the WTE board to see what's up!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

7 weeks: Purging and bring in more stuff....LOL

So I found a really cute platypus stuffed animal (59 cents) and a few cardboard books (39-59 cents each) for Little Chicken!  I also found her a pair of size 2 pink high top converse :)  ($3!!)  So excited.  Good thing we're purging so that we have room for all the new stuff.  I put a bunch of stuff on craigs list, so I'm hoping it sells.  Not so much for the money (although that's nice too....) but rather just to get it out.  I would really like to get a solid $50 for the movie theater Twilight poster, though.  It's huge.  Like, 2'x3' or something.  My friends brother worked at AMC and she gave it to me for Christmas.  Fricken awesome.  Wish DH would let me put it up!! No where really to put it anyways...but still.  Shame to get rid of it.  Also selling my old sewing machine, printer, laptop case, books, and other stuff.  Hope it sells!

7 weeks: Time to purge and start fresh?

Any one else feeling the urge to purge?  I want to get rid of all the superfluous stuff that is just hanging around the house.  All the "STUFF" that I just haven't had the heart to get rid of.  I want the baby to come home to a nice clutter free home.  Nice, open, bright colored and happy environment.  Although the irony in this is that the baby's room is probably going to end up with the most clutter....but I'll figure that out.  I want to start the transition of moving breakable things/book and other things that could easily be destroyed in the upwards direction.  Baby safe things only up to a 3 ft elevation.  Or locked in cabinets.  I just have so much crap!  I think I'll take pictures and make a craigs list post later.  I've got a canon printer, lots of photoshop/illustrator books, purses, old sewing machine, lots of books in general, some coffee table decorations, a vacuum (switching over to vinyl instead of berber carper), and who knows what else.  But I'm thinking if we can make even just a hundred bucks or so, that's a new crib for the baby.  And we're looking more purged than before.  (**shrugs shoulders**) So IDK.  Sounds good to me.  I'm a little worried about the TV.  We don't have cable and we don't really use it much, except for movies and video games, but we're going to try to keep it off as much as possible around the baby.  I just hope it doesn't become a drawing pad or something.  I wonder if they make invisishields for tvs?  If not they should!! OMG i might be a millionaire....

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Week 6, Day 4: photo!

Still no bump!  I'm just full from eating :)

Week 6, Day 4: In home daycare?

Thinking about starting an in-home day care....might be a good way to be able to stay home with little chicken and make some money, too.  It's kind of hard to find out what all I need to do, but I'm going to keep looking it up.  Maybe when I'm less tired though.

Feeling pretty good today.  Less nauseous and a little less tired.  Still about to fall asleep right NOW! Ha.  Boobs still sore and getting bigger, I think.

Bought some more stuff!  I love that I'm mostly keeping to thrift stores and what not.  Definitely saving money.  It would be much worse if I was spending at full price.  I can't wait to find out if it's a boy or a girl.  Still hoping for a girl first!  I just feel like it will be more willing to play with a younger brother as opposed to the other way around.  Plus I've already bought dresses.....

Ok.  Just wanted to check in.  Been so tired lately!

Oh yeah--still about 112# and eating PIZZA!  I had pizza like, 5 times this past week?!