Tuesday, July 5, 2011

7 weeks: Purging and bring in more stuff....LOL

So I found a really cute platypus stuffed animal (59 cents) and a few cardboard books (39-59 cents each) for Little Chicken!  I also found her a pair of size 2 pink high top converse :)  ($3!!)  So excited.  Good thing we're purging so that we have room for all the new stuff.  I put a bunch of stuff on craigs list, so I'm hoping it sells.  Not so much for the money (although that's nice too....) but rather just to get it out.  I would really like to get a solid $50 for the movie theater Twilight poster, though.  It's huge.  Like, 2'x3' or something.  My friends brother worked at AMC and she gave it to me for Christmas.  Fricken awesome.  Wish DH would let me put it up!! No where really to put it anyways...but still.  Shame to get rid of it.  Also selling my old sewing machine, printer, laptop case, books, and other stuff.  Hope it sells!

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