Friday, July 29, 2011

10 Weeks 3 days: From good to cranky

Good day I'd say for the most part, but now i'm grumpyish.  No idea why.  Well yes I do.  I wanted to go to Pizza Hut for dinner, but we're on a super strict budget, so I had planned on using cash that's supposed to be for gas.  Anyways, I had to pee, so Kev ordered while I was peeing, and paid with the card!  As soon as I got in the bathroom and started peeing, I knew he was going to that.  I was really annoyed because we're trying to be good with the bank card.  THEN we sit down in like, the coldest seat ever so after a few seconds, we decide to move.  When I stood up to move, I smashed my head on the fricken glass lamp above the table, so then I was really aggravated.  And then when we got the pizza, it wasn't the heaven I imagined it to I was sad about that too.  I think they changed their cheese and their crust.  It just didn't taste like I remember it tasting.  So now here I am.  Deflated and grumpyish.

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