Saturday, July 23, 2011

9 Weeks, 4 Days: Had no internet for a few days...

Still preggo!!

And bloated.

Yeah...that's food baby.  Not  baby, baby.  Notice my grumpy face.

Gained about a pound or two I think.  I no longer drop down to 110.  My lowest for the past 2 weeks has been 112.  This morning was 115.  Tough to tell.  I had a big dinner last night, so that could be why.

Still getting nauseous when I don't have any food in my stomach.  I just have to eat a little here and there to keep something in my stomach.  I've been pretty cranky and moody lately.  I have a very short fuse--doesn't take much to make me snap.

I think I'm going to tell my boss next  week that I'm pregnant.  I asked his son how he thinks he'll take it--he in turn asked his mom, who thinks I'll be fine.  Which is awesome.  My boss can be uh...a little uh...crazy, to put it nicely.  So I was nervous about telling.  But I need to tell him before someone else does or he figures it out.  So.  Next week it is (eek!!)

Working on our impossible budget.  Here are the details:

Together we make about $2,800 a month.  Notice there is no fun money budgeted.
So this is assuming that we take any cash we get--babysitting, Zumba, or Kev driving for work--and use it to buy gas with so that the $600 goes directly towards paying down the gas card so we can be rid of it  by February.  We JUST added the newspaper on Sundays only so that we can clip coupons.  I'm trying to be a SAHM come Feb, but it's looking pretty grim.  Kev makes just short of $2,000 a month, and our $300 a month discover loan is going to kill us!  Car payment could go too....ugh.  We are SOO going to have to get rid of the internet :(  I'm not giving my iPhone up though.....

So speaking of budget, I went shopping at Once Upon a Child!  Bought the top right 2 pairs of shoes in this pic:

I put the others back :(  We could totally have a boy and then I'll be sad that I spent so much on girl stuff.  They are soo cute though.  Got a couple of maternity tops, too.

Anyways, that's all the news that is news!

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