Wednesday, August 3, 2011

11 weeks, 1 day: Still haven't told my mom...

So I've been 115 pounds the past few days...putting me at a 3-5 pound weight gain so far.  Poo.  It sucks being so hungry all of the time.  I must slow down so I don't end up gaining 40 pounds.

On to the topic discussed in the title:

I still haven't told my mom I'm pregnant.  I won't go into crazy details or anything--let's just leave it at my life has been a lot less stressful without trying to make someone happy who is unhappy whether I'm in the middle of the drama party or not.  So I decided not.  I got a random text message last week asking why I won't "give her anything" when I "hang out with my brother all the time".  She also said that she asks me to go to lunch with her all the time--except I can't find record of her asking me this.  (Not in any of the texts she's sent me since November of last year, and I didn't look at FB messages, but I can't recall this request more than once in the past 12 months)  Needless to say I didn't respond--didn't really know how to.....and now it's come to the time where I need to tell her about the pregnancy before she finds out from someone else but I don't know how to tell her....nor do I particularly want to.  Not so much that I mind her knowing, but rather I don't want to deal with everything that is going to come as a result of her knowing.  All I want is to be pregnant in peace, and I have a feeling that no matter how much I wish this, I'm not going to get my wish.

And it's not just my wish--more like, my demand.

This is supposed to be a happy exciting time.  Not a stressful time where I bend over backwards to make sure that everyone ELSE is good and happy.  F that.

Already I'm in the middle of the baby shower wars.  11 weeks....and i'm in the middle of a baby shower war.  **head shake**

So.  I'm considering the options of text message, facebook message, or mailing her sonogram pictures.  Not sure I like the option of her having pictures--so she can post them on her facebook and show them off like she has so much to do with this pregnancy or something--I think that would really really irritate me.  I mean, they're not even on MY facebook, and it's in MY body.


Facebook annoys me.

Still don't know what to do!  I have to figure this out soon....but I just don't know.

Let me just say how stupid it is that I'm even having to debate over how to tell my mom that I'm pregnant.  STOOPID.  SO STOOPID.

Ok i'm done now.

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