Tuesday, August 9, 2011

12 Weeks!!!!!!!!!!!

3 months today!  So excited.

Still waiting to feel lil' chicken move...  No such luck yet.

Put together the big leaf canopy from Ikea that we bought to go over the crib.  Might pick up a few more.  They are super cool

I've decided I want Kevin to help me make this really cool abacus that they sell at CB2 for $150.  It's like a giant wall decoration and it  would be super duper cute hanging over the crib or changing table.
So that's pretty cute, right?  So I'm going to buy wooden beads and paint them and have Kev put it together.  I'm excited.

Anyways, we went to the Atlanta Aquarium today!  Fun!  Really pretty fish:

I must say I love my Nikon Coolpix.  Amazing photos.  Yay!

Haven't stepped on a scale since I've been up here.  Guess I'll see the damage when we get home.  Boo.

Headache today.  Drank caffeine earlier and it didn't go away...so that kinda sucks.  Maybe if it doesn't go away over night I'll have to hunt down some Tylenol tomorrow.

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