Tuesday, August 23, 2011

14 weeks: Pregnancy advice

So I've decided that I need to be documenting the advice I get from people on this special, memorable journey I'm on. I'll try to keep a general timeline, too. Maybe this will be advice AND comments...

11 weeks: No alcohol for you, Missy!!
12 weeks: You know, you have to be careful about cleaning the cat boxes!
12 weeks: You need to be careful doing Zumba!!!! Are you sure it's ok?!
Yesterday: You sure did wait long enough. I was afraid you decided to never have kids *said through tears* (I'm 23 years old)
Today (14 weeks): My advice to you is to show the child love (**Blink. Blink.**)

Epic. Just epic. And this is only the beginning!

117 pounds today. Feeling fat, but not too bad with symptoms!!

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