Monday, August 8, 2011

11 weeks, 6 days: We're in Atlanta, B*tch!

Yesterday we drove 8 hours to get to our friends house in Atlanta!  We're going to spend a whole week up here, doing up Ikea, Coca-cola, the Aquarium, Zoo, etc!  I'm pretty excited.  And we get to see Bonnie and Carlos, who we hardly ever get to see.  Yay!

Still waiting to feel the baby move.  I haven't felt anything yet!  I keep hoping.  People on WTE Feb forum keep popping up who can feel little flutters or whatever.  Nothing here!  I can't wait to feel it.

It's nice to have a week off to relax and enjoy each other.  Come January when Kevin starts school, we're going to see a whole lot less of each other :(  But it's for the better.  And only for 8 months, hopefully.  I'm nervous about the future but excited, too.  Ok, time to go brush my teeth and put on some makeup.

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