Wednesday, May 9, 2012

11 weeks, 4 days old: Wow.

Ok, it's been forever since I have posted, but I don't have Internet at home and typing on your phone kinda sucks. But I wanted to post, so here we are.

I love my little chicken SO MUCH. Omg. Soo cute. He's amazing. He really has started being more of a person this past week. I mean, obviously he's a person, but it's like he "woke up" or something. Idk. This week has been awesome. He coo's and smiles and looks really fast from side to side. He loves his mobile and the fan, and he likes story books with vivid pictures. He loves bath time. And he just started this new thing where he sucks his right thumb and plays with his left ear. Soo cute. He sleeps pretty well through the night and loves being swaddled. He likes the mirror. He is so amazing. It's hard to wrap my head around it. I mean, he used to live in my belly!!! And now he's here and perfect and it's crazy. Life is crazy. I can't even fathom the logistics of it.

I was going to write about my crazy day yesterday but my thumb hurts. Maybe later!

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