Saturday, November 26, 2011

27 Weeks, 4 Days: The holidays are going to go by quick!

With Thanksgiving comes the time warp that is going to be the countdown to Lil' chicken!!  Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Christmas, New Years, Valentines Day, Lil' chicken!  (Hopefully in that order).

I worked on Thanksgiving--it was all good though.  Got fed really well LOL.  I have been blessed with having Friday and Saturday (today and yesterday) off so I'm really NOT going to want to go back to work tomorrow morning haha.

Went shopping yesterday!  Got all sorts of stuff.  Let me take pictures and I'll post them for you :)

Diaper Bag: $28
Diapers and wipes:  Big box $43 (had coupon)
+ got free wipes
40 Pack $8 (coupon) + $0.97 wipes!
Blue and White shirt: BOGO, $5.50
Striped Shirts: $6, $7.50
Pants! $6 each
This is Lil' Chicken's closet so far
To the left is 0-3 months, and the sizes get bigger up to 6-9 months on the right.
I also got 3 shirts for me, Seasons 3 & 4 of Dexter, the game Cootie, consignment clothes for Lil' Chicken (in closet), and got our XBox repaired.  I also also got 2 new litter boxes, 2 new scoops, and a cardboard cat scratcher.  We've had the same litter boxes for like, 3 or 4 years--I think it's time to give the cats fresh ones.

I think my dad and stepmom are coming over today--I feel like I should clean up the house.  A lot.  He's allergic to cats, for one....and two the house is just a mess.  I haven't quite convinced myself to get up yet to do anything though.

Weighing in at 129 today!  Yay!  I've maintained my weight for about 6 weeks now.  Pretty crazy.  And good.

Belly Pic!  Just got home from Zumba®

I have my glucose test coming up this week.  I really hope I pass.  I do NOT want GD.

Anyways, I think I'm going to think about making something to eat and then clean up.  Sigh!

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