Saturday, December 24, 2011

31 Weeks, 4 Days: Christmas Eve

No Christmas Tree this year.  I knew that we had enough stuff to do with preparing for Little Chicken that I wouldn't want to add taking down Xmas decor on top of it.  The floor is still a mess, for one.  And I have all sorts of cleaning things that I imagine magically getting done between now and Feb 21st.  So yeah.

With that said, I do think we are going to go look at some Christmas lights tonight!  Should be fun!  We're making Cake Pops today as gifts for our friends and family.  They're pretty cool.  There is some challenges that I didn't expect though--for one, I didn't expect the candy coating to crack on some of them.  I realized that the cake pops were too cold and the candy coating was shrinking--and cracking.

Weighing in at like 135.  Hoping to NOT gain more than 140 according to my scale.  That only leaves me 5 more pounds.  Bleh.

Baby is moving lots!  Less jabbing now, more rolling.  It's funny because my whole stomach looks like a wave when he rolls around.  Too cute.  And he gets hiccups!  They're super close together, almost like a really slow heart beat.  I find this odd.  Apparently it's normal though. I can't believe we're down to the last 8 weeks.  This is so insane! Still trying to grasp the concept that there is a human being in my stomach right now.  A real person!  I know it's normal and all that, but when I look down, it's all just so crazy.  A new little person is chilling in my stomach.  Just nudging away.  Kevin said it really started to hit him when he had his hands on my stomach while I was sleeping and he was kicking and rolling around in there.  Made him really realize that Lil' Chicken has a mind of his own and is doing his own thing, even when I'm unconscious.  I'm glad he got to feel that :)  I can't wait to meet our little boy!

I got Kev a Daddy Diaper Bag filled with all sorts of diaper baggy things for Christmas!  I think he likes it, but I think he'll like it more when he actually gets to use it.  The only thing is that it's smaller than I thought it was going to be....but maybe that's a good thing.  I wanted Kev to have his own little thing for the baby--a daddy thing.  So much is mommy and baby--it's every where.  And I wanted Kev to have something that was just his to use with Lil' Chicken.  It's pretty cool.  I hope it holds up.

Just wanted to update.  It's been a while, so thought I'd pop in :)

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