Thursday, February 9, 2012

38 Weeks, 2 Days: 12 days till EDD OMG

So we're really down to the final countdown here!  So nervous, excited, anxious, disbelieving, scared, happy, sad, and about a million other feelings.  I love feeling little squidget wiggle around in my belly.  I love him so much.  He's so cute.  And wiggly.  I can't wait to see his cute little face and see what his nose looks like.  I can't wait to kiss his little toes.  He's going to be so cute.  I'm nervous about breast feeding.  I went to a class last week and it was so awkward holding a baby doll up to my boob.  Maybe that's because it was a baby doll, but I don't think so.  I think it's just something I've never done before.  I hope I'm good at it, but nervous that I won't be.  I'm still having a hard time about going into labor.  I'm not worried about the laboring part, I'm only nervous about the last 30-40 seconds when he actually has to come out.  Kevin and I started doing perineal massage 2 nights ago.  I think it will help.  I really really don't want to tear.  I don't do stitches.  Or tearing.  Or bleeding.  Or needles.  Or stitches.

I was having really sharp stabbing pains in my cervix area today.  Like, 2-3 a minute for about an hour.  I think it must have been the position the baby was in?  I tried to call the OB office but only got the answering machine.  And by the time I was going to try to call again the jabbing had stopped.  I was starting to think his hand was trying to come out or something.  It was a sharp enough pain to make me kind of bend over momentarily while I was walking.  You know, like a quick "ouch!" kind of movement.  After I sat for lunch though it seemed to subside a bit.

Took some belly pictures!

Ok I know they're all in front of the garage door, but it was the best background that I could find with such short notice.  My husband and I are literally NEVER home together when the sun is up.  So we had limited time and resources here, but wanted to take at least a few pictures before Lil' Chicken was born.  I'd seriously kick myself if we didn't get any good pictures.  

I'll update again soon!!

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