Tuesday, October 29, 2013

6 weeks 3 days pregnant, 20 month old toddler

I just enjoyed two fun-sized snicker bars for breakfast and holy moly cow were they tasty.  I haven't had a snickers in I don't know how long.  Very yum.

Last night I was very tired, then woke myself up, then had a hard time getting back to sleep because I felt so nauseous.  It's been pretty intense lately.  I feel better while I'm eating, but immediately feel crappy again when I'm done.  I am thankful that I'm not puking my brains out at every turn, but the constant nausea is getting annoying.

I am also really starting to feel the exhaustion.  Yesterday I felt myself nodding off while driving home.  Not good!  I'm going to have to stick my head out of the window like a dog or something.  I need to go to the library and get a new audio book.  Maybe I'll aim to do that this morning before heading down to Vero.

Carson is up!  And not very happy about it.  He's getting happier though as I let the che-che out ha, ha.  Last night before we put him to bed he was very insistent about "shoes."  It was so cute.  He was wearing Kevin's Sketcher's GoRuns and kept bringing Kevin, who just wanted to brush his teeth,  pairs of dress and tennis shoes to put on.  I must say that Carson walked around in those giant shoes like a boss--so steady, so confident.  Too cute.

I have started offering him almond milk as an eventual alternative to cows milk.  He is still nursing (hence the che-che), and I am not against him having an occasional glass of regular cows milk, but I don't think it's as healthy as everyone believes it is.  So I'm introducing almond milk.  He LOVES it!  It's so cute.  When I mention it, he lights up and runs to the fridge.

I'm excited--Carson pooped on the potty yesterday, and today he peed on the potty twice in a row!  I'm very hopeful that he will be potty trained before he's two. :D

Okay, my little monkey is showing interest in climbing the computer desk now, so time is up for today.

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