Saturday, June 25, 2011

Week 5, Day 4

Here's my non-existing baby bump! LOL
5 weeks, 4 days

Been super super tired.  Came home yesterday and took a nap before Zumba.  I did Zumba this morning, and I have to work at 2:30, so I was thinking about taking a nap from 12-1pm, then showering, and getting ready for work.

No gained weight yet!  Yippee!  Zumba is getting a little easier.  Doing it first thing in the morning was good, I think.  I had fresh energy.  Not much nausea, just hunger.  Some things do seem to turn my stomach, and I've kind of had an aversion to sweets, which is odd but AWESOME!  I need to call the doctors office and find out what to expect at my appointment on the 18th of July.  Probably blood :(  I'm going to ask for a sedative.  I'll seriously freak out.  Thinking about makes me light headed.  Ugh.

Nap time!

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