Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Week 5: So I decided we're having a girl.

I mean, really....how are you supposed to resist all this stuff?!?!  You can't leave a newly pregnant lady alone for 3 hours with $30 spending money and expect her not to spend it on possible gender inappropriate clothing....

And the stuff was so cheap!!!!  Once Upon A Child is amazing.  It's owned by the same company as Plato's Closet, which means it's used but good condition, name brand kids clothing for thrift shop prices. It doesn't get any better than that!  Wow!

So--exhaustion!  I'm actually prying my eyes open right now so I can type up this blog.  I feel like a pin has popped me and let out all the air that was my energy.  I was feeling a little  nauseous during lunch so I didn't eat much.  May have been my prenatals.  Got super hungry later.  No cramps really today, but my stomach muscles feel weird--like they have less strength in them or something.  I'm afraid to strain them.

Also, bloated and gassy--but that may have been from drinking Sprite.

112#, 98.06ºF

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