Sunday, May 29, 2011

CD 13: Temp spike today...did I ovulate? idk.

Hello!  It's been a few days!  Here's the update.

No + opks so far, at least none that "are darker than the control line."  I've had two that are kinda close....

...but that's about as dark as the line has gotten.

CD 11: 97.09ºF  Zumba, watery CM, nausea & lack of desire to eat
CD 12: 97.07ºF  Zumba--sub for crystal--super nervous, watery CM, pain lower left side of my abdomen.  nausea & lack of desire to eat. Bed at 2:00am
CD 13: 97.83ºF  Wake up at 7:30, wateryish CM, BD pm.  Slept at 74ºF instead of 72ºF night between cd 12&13

So this morning my temp was .76º higher than the previous days temp, and it is also my highest temp so far.  I'm curious to see if my temperature stays up or if it was just a fluke.  It would mean I'm ovulating on a kind of normal day, considering I'm pretty sure nothing happened last cycle.  I hope the temp spike doesn't mean it's game over...I guess it's possible to get pregnant if I did ovulate, but it would have been a full 5 days, so I think it's unlikely.  And we did BD tonight, but if the temp spike is from ov, it would mean too late, and that we missed it.  So I'm kind of excited to temp tomorrow.

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