Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Cd...I don't even know anymore. I lost count.

Ah yes, CD 48.  Are you kidding me.  40 fricken 8. Holy bleh.

I thought I felt one little cramp today, but I may have imagined it.  I don't even know what's real anymore when it comes to what my body is doing.  Lots of CM again--but I still deem it to be tainted by hoo hoo medicine.  Tonight is the last night, btw--just in case anyone was worried.  My pj bottoms are crusty in the crotch--if that gives you ANY idea of how nasty this crap is.  I'd put on a different pair, but why nastify 2? I'll just wear these again tonight and then wash them afterwards.   **shudder**

I guess at least it isn't gross until after I fall asleep.  Kind of like how you work out but don't get sore until 2 days later....or get pregnant but don't have to give birth for 9 months, or eat refried beans but don't get gas for another 15 minutes.  You get the idea.

Nipple soreness--on a scale of 0-5, I'd say 0.2 .  Only sore if I mash on them.  I might be imagining the 0.2.  It might be just plain 0.  Better leave it at 0.2 just to be safe.

Only ate 1 piece of Tostino's pizza for dinner.  It made me a tad nauseous.  I've been super thirsty this even, and I've also been craving sugar.  Bad BAD BAD.  Must quit the cookies.  My brain has been kinda loopy.  I ran over a median in the Walgreens parking lot on Monday. I was parked right next to it--the median was on the passenger side of the car.  Anyways, I pulled forward and I guess I thought it ended at the light post--WRONG!  I barreled over it like a champ!  My husband was like W.T.F.  lol.  I have to replace all of the plastic covering underneath my car now.  I apparently dented the oil pan...oops.  I swear I didn't see it.  It scared the crap out of me, I'll tell ya that much!

Oh yeah, my POASs came in the mail!  I shoved them in my pretty POAS box, but there are so many the lid won't shut.

At least I feel like I can POAS any time I want!  I think I have 35 of them :D  And I have like, 60 LH tests.  **Grin**

I'm exhaused, so off to bed!  

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