Wednesday, May 25, 2011

CD 9: No dry days yet!

I changed my chart.  Orange is light/sticky, Yellow is creamy/regular, and green is heavy/ewcm.  I feel much better.  And I just won't color in at all on really dry days.

opk today = negative.  Taken at 8:00pm
CM today = sticky, but I definitely felt it on my underwear as if there was some watery quality to it.
Temp = 97.02ºF  Still low :)  Hoping to see it rise in the next 10 days or so!

Bought Positive Discipline on today.  Should have it Friday!  I'm very excited about all of the emphasis on positivity lately.  The methods work, too.  When I babysit, I test the theories.  It's truly amazing.  Positivity works wonders.  And why wouldn't it?  Who likes to be yelled at and made to feel insignificant?  Not me!  I'll let you know how the book is when I get it.

Ta! Ta!

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