Friday, May 13, 2011

Today is the end of CD 50. Ugh.

POAS this morning.  Nada.  Not posting another picture of a blaring SINGLE line.

Not today, anyways.

Whatever.  That's ok.  I knew my chances were slim this month having no idea if/when I ovulated.

Keep feeling really light, almost unnoticeable cramps though.  Again, could be my imagination...but I swear I keep feeling it.  When and checked to make sure I wasn't bleeding all over the place...yeah....just sweat.  (Doing a Zumba® Demo outside in FL!)  And still craving sweets.  I guess that's normal enough for anyone though.  Feeling nauseated at some foods--tostinos frozen pizza...I feel like I said that already though.  Something yesterday too, but I can't remember what.

Super tired.  Where are you, AF?!

How am I going to get pregnant before my pre-prenantal appt if you don't show up!?

(trying to minimize the amount of blood I have sucked from my stupid arms)

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