Tuesday, May 24, 2011

CD 8. Almost changing my mind about how I chart CM...

As you can see from yesterdays pic, I don't chart CM the same way TCOYF suggests.  I have color codes. Red=AF, Red slashes =Spotting, Orange=dry, yellow=regular, green=lots/ewcm.  However, on days like today, I find those just don't cut it.  I was like a 2/5, not a 1/5,3/5, or 5/5...you know?

Temp today was 96.98ºF.  CM = 2/5.  On the dryer side, but definitely there.  Last cycle this time there was NOTHING.  So I think it's an improvement.  Stomach was bothering me a little bit this morning.  May have just been gas though.  It didn't last more than about 5-10 minutes.

Took an OPK today.  NADA.  Even the control line was faint.  Took the opk @ 10pm.  I'll try to bring an opk with me tomorrow and test somewhere...like work....or something....might be a tad on the creep side, but that's ok.  I may decide to just wait until I get home.

BD yesterday :)  Can't remember if I recorded that or not.

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