Saturday, May 7, 2011

CD 44.

I know these daily updates are a tad silly, but I like to keep track of any symptoms or changes.

CM = a decent amount.  Not a ton to where I was really worried about bleeding, but visible when wiping and on my underwear.  Nipples still sore, a 1 on a 0-5 scale.  No cramps.

I'm exhausted, and my brain was seriously not working today, but I taught Zumba® this morning at 8:30-9:30 and then worked 7 1/2 hours, running around trying to get ready for Mother's Day brunch tomorrow.  I'm sitting down right now and it feels SO GOOD.  I can't believe I have to drive down to Vero right now...

Also, Chef made me try a bite of crab salad and I had to suppress a gag.  I think that's pretty normal for me though.

I can't believe I'm making myself wait until CD 50 before testing again.  I feel like my period will never come because I'm waiting for it to come.  And then there's always my irrational though...."what if I'm preg and don't know it?!"  Here I am enjoying my coffee and occasional alcoholic beverage--which I guess technically is ok, I'm just afraid of hurting my imaginary fetus.

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