Tuesday, May 17, 2011

CD 1:Holy giant basal temp chart, batman!

I did have one that was 4 pieces of graph paper taped together, but today was day 1 of temping and my temp was lower than my lowest number on my stupid chart, so...yeah.  I got angry and went to Walgreens to buy a poster board, which is what I'm in the middle of constructing at the moment.

I'm considering making it so that I can use this same chart for 4 cycles.  Make the numbers along the top cycle day, and then temps along the side.  Then I'll just chart in a different color each cycle, and track CM in 4 different rows along the bottom.

The doctor is going to think I'm loony when I come into the office with this....


Ok so symptoms:

  • Cramps 3.5 on a scale of 0-5
  • Emotional -got really upset over a crinkled poster board.  Straightened house a little.
  • Weird stretchy-like soreness between my legs.  Not the opening--but the actual bones or whatever.  Very odd feeling.  Dont' really know how to describe it.  I've had this before though.

No sore boobies or anything else.

Basal Temp: 97.37ºF

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