Monday, April 18, 2011

Early Sign?????????

So not only am I already obsessed with the idea that I may be pregnant (despite having no idea whether or not I actually ovulated...) But then husbie sends me this!

Wow!  Panda Express thinks we'll receive pleasant news soon!  What if it's a sign?!

I made it to CVS without peeing my pants.  It was a major internal struggle in the family planning aisle.  I really wanted to bring home pre-seed and a basal thermometer but I resisted.  I figure it's most likely too far into my cycle to do anything now, so I'll see how this all plays out.  If I'm pregnant, I'll have wasted $30 on those 2 things.  If I'm not preg, I can go back to the store and get them on CD1.  I must stay away from the store.  I'll probably come home with soy iso next.

Just wanted to share my pregnancy prediction from Panda.  WEE!

(I'm not getting excited.)


(Nope.  Not at all counting my chickens before they hatch.)

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