Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Still no AF...

CD 34, soon to be 35.  No sign of AF.  Well, that's not 100% true.  I've been crampy for the past several days (usually only crampy RIGHT BEFORE I start)  Also kind of emotional today-I'm getting really discouraged with my Zumba® class, which I've had for 6 months now and I consistently only have 1 person.  Very very sad about this.

CM = yes.  My days kind of blur together so I can't remember how it was.  Typical, I suppose.  Nothing out of the ordinary.  A good bit though.

I may POAS tomorrow morning.  It will be 14 days past BD, and 6 days past the other BD.  Why doesn't any one go by BD days?  It's all I have to go by since I have no idea about my ovulation this month.  Just a chart with lots of pretty colors describing my CM.

Super tired right now, but I'm trying to hold out for another couple of minutes.  I have a 12" x 3" round chocolate cake in the fridge cooling down.  I'd like to wrap it before I go to bed so that 1, it doesn't dry out and 2, so that it doesn't take like Fridge.  Then tomorrow morning after it's 100% cooled down, I'll chuck it in the freezer so it can get all ready decorating.  Or do I torte it first?  Hmm...not sure.  I'll text Sara.

Ok.  Teeth Brushing now!

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