Thursday, April 7, 2011

I can't be the only obsessed crazy woman out there, so here are a few ideas Part 2

  1. How will you announce your pregnancy, and when?
    1. Think about how, when, and to whom you'll announce your pregnancy to.  Also, who, if anyone, would you want to know about you and your husband TTC?  Are you going to surprise hubby by idly mentioning the pregnancy during some random, conversation and watch him be blown away by the realization?  Or is he going to be there with you when you POAS?  Or maybe you'll fedex a package to him filled with onesies or baby rattles.  What about your parents and the in-laws?  Framed picture of the ultrasound slyly set up with the family pictures and see who notices first?  I Love Grandma/Grandpa onsies as gifts?  If you're the type of person that LOVES to surprise people (I am!!!), this waiting period gives you PLENTY of time to come up with something really good!  So take advantage of it!
    2. About the TTC thing--be straight up with your husband about who you want to tell that you're TTC.  I can't really say much because I've already flubbed it up...but really, you don't want 100 people asking you every month, "Are you pregnant yet?"  Especially if you've been trying for several months and are already worrying.  I made my husband swear that we weren't going to tell anyone and I've already told Kristina, Bonnie & Carlos, and kind of Angie.  I'm just so excited I can't keep my fat mouth shut.  But I'm trying now.  Really.
    3. Really.
  2. What is a doula, and do you want to use one?
    1. While you're thinking about TTC or are in the early months of your pregnancy, research doulas and the benefits they have on having a more peaceful birthing experience.  And not just peaceful, rather, an all around better birthing experience.  There are tons of books and websites that offer valuable information about what doulas are, how long they've been around, and why women helping women is an important part of our culture that seems to have disappeared over the past hundred years or so.  Doulas are kind of like midwives, except they don't deliver the baby.  Rather, they offer support, help you remember all those dang breathing exercises, and can help you move into different positions to lessen labor pains and even sometimes turn a breached baby.  While our husbands can make wonderful birth coaches, they are excited and involved emotionally in the birth as well.  Sometimes they might not know what their wives need, or are taking in everything that's going on around them and don't even realize that she could use his help.  Doulas are trained to be able to tell when the mother needs help, and can talk her through the whole process.  Doula assisted births statistically end in fewer emergency c-sections, as  well as a whole slew of other birth complications.  Here's a website with more information.
  3. What do you need now, and what can wait?
    1. If you're like me and probably 95% of women out there, you like to shop, and are already eyeballing the SUPER CUTE baby things that all of a sudden are EVERYWHERE.  I know, it's killing me too.  It's all I can do to not re-max out my credit cards with all of the things that I feel like I "have" to have.  BUT!  Think about this--your newborn is not going to need a sippy cup, baby spoons, a little tykes piano, or teething rings just yet.  Plus, if you buy all of these things now, what will you get to buy later?  More stuff!  Ha, just kidding.  But you get the idea.  I have already decided that I will not purchase any brand new onesies from a retail store.  The thrift store I keep mentioning (Once Upon A Child) has like, a squillion onesies, most of which are in super good if not perfect/brand new condition, plus, how long will the baby wear these things?  A few months?  $1.50 is a great price for me.  Target has onesies for $15! Are you kidding me? Ugh.  Anyways, buy/register for only the things you need right now, and then you'll have 3-4 months to save up for the other, less urgent purchases.  
  4. Kegels!
    1. My new favorite peeing game.  Start peeing, then stop the urine flow and hold for 5-10 seconds, then repeat.  You're supposed to 3 sets of 5 or something, but pretty much I just do them whenever I think about it.  Helps prevent all sorts of issues.  Go pelvic floor muscles!
  5. New, Used, Registry!
    1. Decide what you want.  Look online, read reviews, and pick 2-3 of each type of thing (crib, car seat, baby sling, etc etc).  Write down prices, pros/cons, and if you're using your computer to make this list, save little pictures with each list item.  When you go thrift store shopping or garage saleing, refer to this list.  You'll have at least 9 months to find what you're looking for, so hopefully you can discover some great deals!  And doing the research in advance will let you know when to steer clear of a certain crib or stroller.  NOTE:  Never buy a used car seat unless you KNOW FOR 100% CERTAINTY that is has NEVER been in a car accident.
  6. Baby Names!
    1. Pick up a baby name book and start skimming!  Decide whether or not you're going to share names with people before the baby is born.  If you do decide to share, keep in mind that other people will have no qualms about sharing their opinions, so be prepared to let it roll off your shoulders.  Personally, I think we'll keep our name choices secret, and we'll narrow it down to 2-3 names per gender, and then name it once it's born.  (What if he just isn't a jeffrey?)
Those are my tips for the day!  Tomorrows topic will be:

Imaginary pregnancy symptoms.  Stop it, brain!

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