Saturday, April 23, 2011

Shouldn't have wasted the POAS.

Decided to pee on a stick this morning.  CD 30.  Still nada!  Yesterday we BD and I had gobs of CM.  I know, gross.  The watery kind too.  3 separate times throughout the day I thought it was bad enough to go through my pants, but luckily it didn't.

No BFP, but notice the weird line thing to the left of where the bfp would be....odd...yes?  I'm thinking it's just dye left in the little dye square thing.  So I'm not getting excited, I just thought it was odd.

Went to the fair last night!  Kind of, anyways.  We went with some friends and we only went on one ride.  Which was good, because it's kind of expensive and there weren't really many good rides.  

So that was fun.  We had a good time with our friends.

In other news, Kiwi has pretty massive diarrhea.  This has been going on since some time yesterday, through the night, and I'm not sure how the day is going to go.  Good practice for kids, I suppose.  The poor thing is hiding in the bathroom cabinet right now.  We have him in the guest bathroom since the floor isn't done yet.  (Berber carpet + diarrhea = OMFG GROSS)  If only we ordered the vinyl flooring 1 month  There was liquid poo EVERYWHERE.  And I'm not even really exaggerating.  2 spots in the office, in front of the washing machine and on the washing machine, 4-5 spots in the living room, 3 spots in the bedroom, on the large tupperware holding our backup comforter in our closet, on the side of our laundry basket, in the clothes pile on the floor, in the bathroom cabinet, I mean, you name it it's there.  He was covered in poo, so I bathed him last night using my shampoo (no cat shampoo and I wasn't running to Walmart while my cat is covered in diarrhea) and then we set him up in the spare bathroom, which he also covered in poo.  He puked, but we think it was just a GIANT hairball from licking himself dry after the bath.  Crazy though.  Not sure how he puked that up.  Like, 4-5 inches long, solid tube of hair or whatever.  Yuck. Yuck. Yuck.  So we cleaned up yet again, took out his food at the recommendation of webmd for pets, and gave him fresh water.  This morning more poo, cleaned it up again, didn't bathe him completely but rinsed off the liquid poo from his leg and sponge bathed the rest of the dried poo out of his fur.  It's so sad seeing him like this.  He pooped on me while I was holding him last night.  It's been a very poo covered 16 hours. 

Today is Saturday, so I'm really hoping he gets better because otherwise we won't be able to get him in to see a vet until Monday.  Weekends suck.  As if pets don't get sick on the weekend or something.  WTF.  What am I supposed to do with him if he ends up needing an IV for fluids?  Pay the emergency fee of like $4,000,000,000 or something I suppose.  I call VCA in Palm Bay and they're like, "Well, we can't give him treatment until we give him a full check up because we haven't seen him since last year, so that's going to cost $51.50, and then a fecal sample is $55 and poo crap disposal is $5 and then...." WTF.  Just tell me if my fricken cat is going to be ok or not.  Sheesh.  They're going to take every penny we have and insist on vaccinations and what not before they'll even fricken look at him? Are you kidding?  Are they so inexperienced that they can't treat a cat they've never seen before?  They have 4 legs, whiskers, and they meow.  We're not talking about some sort of exotic species or something.  Whatever. I'll give him water orally via syringe if I have to.  It will work out.  Anyways, I'm going to read for a few minutes, then off to work!  Never ends...

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