Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I can't be the only obsessed crazy woman out there, so here are a few ideas.

Since I've already discussed how the incessant ticking in my brain (babies....babies.....babies.....babies.....babies.....) is taking over my life, I wanted to throw out a few things to do that are baby-related that can keep you busy until you get your BFP*.

*BFP:  (n.) Big Fat Positive; in reference to POAS, or Pee On A Sticks.

  1. Mentally Prepare
    1. Having babies can be very scary.  Not only will your body change forever, but so will your life.  Spend plenty of time now before you're pregnant reading the books, asking your pregnant (or previously pregnant) friends questions about everything--what kind of birth did they have, how many doctors appointments, how tired were they, did they poop while delivering...?  Research the different ways to give birth, the pain management options available, the hospital and birthing centers in your area, doulas, and OB/GYNs.  There are SO MANY GOOD BOOKS!  The library is a great start (and free!) or you can chill at a Barnes and Noble and get a decaf latte and read though the plethora of books available there.
  2. Mentally Prepare Your Husband, because he won't prepare himself
    1. Get books geared towards fathers-to-be and leave them in areas where your husband will find them.  Leave pregnancy magazines in the bathroom so he can poop and read.  Mention babies--lots.  Point out cute and well behaved children, read him interesting facts during your own research, walk down the baby aisles in Walmart whenever it can innocently be used as a shortcut to another part of the get the idea.
  3. Start an exercise routine
    1. Your heart has to work harder to support the little being that is going to be growing inside of you.  Get it in to shape and ready for action by doing some cardio (how about some Zumba®!) and some weight exercises.  Also, you will be gaining 25-40 pounds, so no harm in doing some squats and leg and arm exercises to prepare for the big day!**
  4. Read about the pros/cons of breastmilk
    1. Breastmilk?  Or formula?  Why?  Here's a great site to start your research.

**By this, I mean that the weight gain will obviously put more strain on your muscles and why not build some muscle now so it's not so tiring for you or hard on your joints later?  Get your blood pumping and you'll feel so much healthier!  And let's face it, working out is probably not going to be on many priority lists while you're upchuck reflex is acting up, your feet are swollen, and you're super gassy.  But that's just my opinion...

6 more ideas to come tomorrow! Goodnight!

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