Monday, April 11, 2011

Guess what came in the mail?! / Why can't ovulation test be like pregnancy tests?

Yay!  Now I have something to pee on!  I have my little "pee on things" station set up in the bathroom, and I'm decorating a box to put my pee sticks in :D

My pee on things set up includes:

An old butt wipes container for setting pee stick in while it ripens, a small plastic cup for peeing in, and bleach, for sanitizing all of it when I'm done.

I'm very pleased with myself.  I'll add a picture of my box for storing my tests in when I'm finished with it.  It's drying right now, then once it dries, I can pour clear resin in it to set it.  (i glued sea shells in the lid, so I want to seal them in!)

Now of course I had just peed and was washing my hands when I hear, "ding dong!" from my front door.  Typical!  So I ripped open the box and got so excited I thought I might be able to pee again!  And hooray!  I did!

There is a faint line, but unfortunately ovulation tests are NOT like pregnancy tests, and I am not having an LH surge.  Hmph.  But I'm not defeated here.   This is cycle day 18, and I've been feeling light cramps for 4 days, so maybe I had my LH surge a few days ago?  And I've had no EWCM, so maybe I'm just crazy and am not ovulating at all, and am just making my poor husband to naughty things to me for no reason?  I must consult the WTE board and see if I should keep testing for ovulation or if I should just wait until next cycle like I suspect I should.

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