Saturday, April 16, 2011

Just kidding. The craziness continues.

Ok, so since I napped 2 days in a row, I thought I'd start off the day testing for hCG!  I'm on CD 23, and had kind of given up on yeah.  Must pee on something!

And we have a BFN!  I mean, not just a BFN, but a nice super dark control like that screams "suck it!" right next to the whitest empty space I have ever seen.  Geesh!  I get it!  It's negative!  Wow.  Ok, so I then peed on an LH stick to make myself feel better, because I knew I'd at least get 2 lines there, even if they don't mean anything.  And I must point out that the control line on the hCG is much more impressive.

So I'm not ovulating, and I'm not pregnant!  Yet.

I'm going to theoretically test again on 4/21/11, which would be CD 28.  I'm hoping for a BFP at that time.  We'll see.

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