Monday, April 11, 2011

The longest 28 days of my entire life. Geesh!

So I'm looking at my nifty cycle chart I made, and there is NO WAY that is has only been 10 days since my period ended.  I feel like I haven't had a period in 3 months.

I have a newfound respect for anyone who has been TTC for 1 year or longer.  I feel like I'm going to explode, and it's only been 17 days!

17 DAYS!

I thought pregnancy was such an easy thing.  You have sex, you get pregnant.  Bang!  Just like that.  Don't even try using the pull out method to prevent pregnancy because BANG! You'll get pregnant from the pre-cum.  Don't touch a penis and then touch yourself because BANG! You'll get pregnant.  Now I'm terrified that it's going to take us forever to get pregnant.  We have to fricken time it?  I have a 12-24 hour window?  That's it?  That's ridiculous.  I don't even know when I'm ovulating.  Or IF i'm ovulating.  I think I am, I've been having very light cramps on and off for 4 days, with today being the lightest.  No EWCM though.  And my OPKs are in the mail on their way here, should be here today...?  I can't wait to pee on one.

Which brings me to this:  Can I just pee on it, or do I actually have to go buy disposable cups to pee in so I can dip the little strip?  Guess I'll find out.  If I get the OPK test strips in today I'll pee on one and post a pic.  Hopefully it says I'm ovulating.

I swear if I 'd have known all of this, I would have stopped birth control 6 months ago and just not of had sex the first 2 weeks of my cycle.  I mean this is nuts.  I always thought getting pregnant would be so easy.  Maybe it is.  Maybe I'm pregnant.  Ha.  Yeah, right.

Although I did sleep until 11:30 today...

We tried to BD this morning, it wasn't successful though.  I'm hoping that the fact that his penis touched my va-jay-jay will count for something.  I wonder if the pressure to perform is hard on him?  I told him to just relax and forget about teh babies, and think of his sexy wife instead (aka ME).  Maybe I should stop texting him about having babies?  How do I obsess over babies without letting him know that I'm obsessing?  Should I POAS?  ARGH!  I need to pee on something.

I think I'll eat a girl scout cookie.  (is that a craving?!  maybe i'm pregnant!)

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